"There are not enough words to express our complete satisfaction with Jacquelyne as our wedding photographer. She is an extremely talented artist that not only captured the moments but her photographs truly encapsulate the emotion of the day. Beyond being professional, she has a relaxed energy, is incredibly creative, kind, and flexible. 

Jacquelyne delivered our photos in a timely manner, as promised, and we were absolutely blown away by the finished product-- they far exceeded our expectations.  We relive that day over and over when we look at our photos."


"When we were searching for a photographer for our sunrise wedding, we met with several people and Jacquelyne was the first to be just as enthusiastic as we were about waking up at 3 am! She met us at a coffee shop near our apartment and we chatted and got to know each other. She instantly felt like a friend and we were excited to continue planning!

A few weeks before the wedding, I talked to her on the phone and she asked me what type of poses/shots I was interested in. Since this was our second wedding, we wanted the photos to be casual and spontaneous. I had let her know that our puppy was diagnosed with lymphoma, and we wanted him to be the main focus. We stayed on the phone for several more minutes just talking about the pups in our lives. In that moment, I felt so lucky knowing that she would be at our wedding.

The day of, Jacquelyne showed up on time and ready to go...this was no easy task given that it was a little before 3 am and nobody had gotten very much sleep the night before! While at my apartment as we all got ready, she interacted with my family is such a loving way and went with the flow. 

The timing of our event was a bit tricky because we had all the guys show up at the bridge earlier, and Jac was there to capture that. As the ceremony started, I would occasionally see her smiling face, but she was never in the way. 

At our breakfast picnic she got a lot of great shots and even made time to just hang out!

We received the photos a few weeks after the wedding and they were stunning. Jacquelyne captured the essence of our love and our life in Brooklyn. Though my husband and I no longer live in New York, we built our first home with our puppy in out tiny garden apartment there. My favorite photos from that day are not even the shots from the wedding, but are instead the beautiful things that made that apartment our home: the framed pictures on our wall, the plants on the windowsill, and our puppy resting on our beat up couch. 

I look at the photos often and can feel every single emotion I experienced on that day. We feel so grateful to have had met Jacquelyne and to have her at our sunrise wedding."


"When Jacquelyne agreed to photograph our wedding, we did not realize just how lucky we were. Jacquelyne was located across the country, so while we had seen a great deal of her work (and loved it), we never had a chance to meet in person. For me, finding a photographer who was not only talented, but could put me at ease in front of the camera was critical. I am very camera shy, and had never taken professional photos before. I was nervous about the whole process, and was concerned I'd ruin our photos by appearing tense and awkward.

Luckily, Jacquelyne proved to be the prefect fit. She took the time to get to know us; our likes, dislikes, preferences, etc. She fit in beautifully with our family and friends, and instantly put us at ease. She was very accommodating and flexible. She arrived in California early to ensure she had time to scout locations. She selected gorgeous backdrops for our big day. Her artistry was evident in every photograph. She captured one stunning image after the next, all the while remaining upbeat and encouraging despite some tight timelines and a number of location changes. 

Throughout the festivities, Jacquelyne was impressively non-intrusive. I was hardly aware of her presence while she was photographing our ceremony, and was happily surprised to see all the intimate and beautiful moments she captured without my knowledge. She also took a great deal of wonderful candid photos of our family and friends which are among our favorites. She has a real talent for documenting those fleeting special occasions.

Jacquelyne succeeded in making our wedding look more beautiful than I remember it being. The memories she has provided us with are incredibly precious to us, and we cannot thank her enough for the role she played supporting us on our big day. Jacquelyne was a joy to work with and we cannot recommend her highly enough!"


"We can't say enough wonderful things about Jacquelyne. Throughout our whole engagement and wedding, she was available to answer any questions and help in any way she could. Working with Jacquelyne was one of the easiest & most stress-free parts of our wedding. 

It's clear that her photos are beyond lovely but somehow they still exceed our expectations in every way! Can I also state that Jacquelyne was a total dream on the day of our wedding. She kept things moving along, captured moments we would have missed otherwise, and even stepped in a time or two to give us a break, from the very long day.

For us, planning a wedding from afar, we obviously wanted to work with people that were professional and talented but also fun and friendly (someone you would want to share a beer with). Jacquelyne is just that, she took so much stress off us and we felt like we were in great hands because clearly she's totally on your team."


“Jacquelyne is the most amazing photographer! She has a very romantic and whimsical style, and her photographs are truly unique and exquisite. Not only is her work absolutely gorgeous, but she is also a super cool person. We hardly even noticed Jacquelyne at the wedding and reception, but she had TONS of amazing shots. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a truly exceptional photographer.”


"Working with Jacquelyne was perfect. We were fans of her work beforehand, but after meeting in person we knew she was the photographer for us. Jacquelyne was patient and accommodating but also a creative force that put our mind at ease. Our portraits are beautiful and the moments captured during the ceremony and reception have become unforgettable memories. I would highly recommend Jacquelyne and hope to work with her again."


"I cannot say enough good things about Jacquelyne! First of all, her creative eye is what initially drew me to book her. The photos I received were amazing! I love how my husband and I were captured in such an honest and natural way. I never felt like I was posing. I was able to have real moments with my husband that were captured in a beautiful way, which was extremely important to me. During the wedding, Jacquelyne was present without being overbearing. She also made me feel extremely comfortable when I was being photographed. I cannot say enough about Jacquelyne and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!"


"Jacquelyne and her second photographer shot our wedding on Bald Head Island, NC in 2014. We chose her because we knew she would be able to capture our wedding from an artists point of view, different from the flat photos we were used to seeing. We are thrilled with how the photos came out and couldn’t be happier with her professionalism throughout the entire process. She traveled to the location without hesitation and was great at scoping out locations for photographs she wanted to get. She was fantastic to work with and we would recommend her over and over again!"