Jacquelyne Pierson is a wedding and documentary photographer in New York City.  After graduating from V.C.U. School of the Arts in Richmond, Virginia with her B.F.A. in Photography and Film, Jacquelyne moved to Atlanta, San Francisco and Philadelphia to practice and perfect her craft before moving to New York in 2011.  She calls New York City her forever home where she continues to practice photography everyday through the documentation of stories - life and love.  She considers herself a romantic with an intuitive vision to capture the emotions of those around her; seeing what others do not see and feeling what others do not feel.  With this, she is able to bring a new light to situations that are happening around her.  Weddings have enabled her to travel near and far, from NYC to Paris, Mexico, Bali and beyond.  She feels fortunate and grateful to have witnessed an incredible and undeniable amount of love in the 10 years she has been a professional photographer.  

Jacquelyne loves life - and of course - capturing it all on film.  She would love to document your story - love, life and everything in between. Her free spirit allows her to build relationships with clients and connect with them on a personal level, enabling a sense of comfort and ease throughout the wedding so she can photograph people being their truest selves.

She lives in New York City with her partner, Andrew, and their two rescue dogs, Ozzy and Ayla. She is available for 2019 and 2020 bookings in New York City and worldwide.

Aside from photography, Jacquelyne has a passion for yoga, dancing, plants, animals, live music, food, traveling and anything that allows her to explore hidden parts of this magical city she is lucky enough to call home.