Meghan + Peter Brooklyn Bridge Wedding

Meghan + Peter's wedding is one of those weddings that you remember often and remember specifically everything that happened when it happened. Their wedding is engrained in me for so many reasons. Mainly because I have never experienced a wedding like theirs.. ever. Their 5:30am sunrise ceremony on the Brooklyn Bridge was complete with their closest friends and family and their pup, Hex, who was suffering from cancer. Hex was a very important part of their wedding, knowing he may not be around for much longer. Having lost my pup just a few months before, I knew how much it meant for Hex to be fully included in all the festivities. Having known all of this, I could barely hold my tears back. Tears of joy of M+P and tears of sadness for little Hex. I feel completely honored to have been able to document such a beautiful day, a celebration of Meghan and Peter and all of their loved ones, including Hex. It is moments like these that remind me how beautiful life is, how beautiful it is to celebrate life, and how thankful and truly blessed I am to witness and document the beauty that life creates.

In loving memory of Hexagon.