redwood national forest

Mary + Galen Engagement, Redwood National Park

The Redwood National Forest is absolutely majestic and known for it's giant sequoias. Redwoods are famous for being strong enough to withstand natural disasters. Each tree houses hundreds of plant and animal species and are said to be calming forces. I believe that these qualities are some of what we all look for in a partner; resilience, a warm and welcoming heart, and possessing the ability to help calm and balance one another so we can get through this wild, wonderful thing we call life! When Mary and Galen asked me to travel to the forest with them I was over the moon. The thing that really hits me deep about what I do for a living is being able to share these very important moments with people. Spending time with each bride and groom I have met has taught me a ton about love and provided me with some pretty amazing life-long friends. It was a true pleasure to spend time dancing through the forest and getting to know what makes Mary and Galen's bond so special with one another. If you have never been to see these giant wonders, do yourself a favor and get to California quick!